Chocolate Bouquets

Gourmet Chocolate Bouquets

Bouquets of all kinds have long been a popular gift item. Bouquets have evolved from just flowers to include fruit, candy, and chocolate. Not everyone loves flowers, and of course, sometimes allergies come into play. For the consummate chocolate lover, there are few things better than chocolate bouquets just brimming with mouth-watering chocolate treats.

What are Chocolate Bouquets?

Chocolate bouquets are chocolates arranged in a bouquet-style presentation given to mark special occasions. They can be arranged as smaller posy-style bouquets, or long full-floral bouquets. They can also be arranged in pots or containers of all shapes and sizes. Often Styrofoam or floral foam is used to secure the sticks that are attached to hold the chocolates in place. They can be arranged in a variety of methods, sometimes lower in the front and taller in the back.

What Chocolates can be Used in Chocolate Bouquets?

When it comes to the chocolate varieties that can be chosen for chocolate bouquets, the options are limitless. Any chocolates that are wrapped are fair game. Lindt, Ferrero Rocher, foil-wrapped hearts and individual chocolates that are mounted with paper petals surrounding them make perfect chocolate flowers.

What Occasions can Chocolate Bouquets be Given as Gifts?

Chocolate bouquets make ideal gifts for numerous occasions. At Easter, chocolate bouquets made from foil-wrapped eggs are colourful, tasty, and festive. Arranged in garden pots to accentuate the Spring theme of Easter arrangements make chocolate bouquets the ideal hostess gift or simply the perfect gift for a chocolate lover at Easter time.

Heart-shaped chocolates wrapped in red or pink foil make perfect bouquets that mirror the look of the traditional dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. Arranged with tissue or flower petals around the hearts, they resemble roses even more closely.

For Father’s Day, chocolates can be arranged in bouquet form with a ‘Dad’ mug as the vase. For Mother’s Day, chocolate bouquets are equally suitable, and a popular vase choice is a watering can, tea cup, or garden pot.

Birthdays and anniversaries are also perfect chocolate bouquet occasions for that special someone who loves chocolate. Christmas arrangements of chocolate bouquets make fabulous gifts for the person who has everything, or hostess gifts, and they can also make ideal centerpieces to liven up any table setting.

When it comes time to give a gift to mark a special occasion or table setting, chocolate bouquets can be just what you are looking for. For birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or hostess gifts, chocolate bouquets are as lovely to look at as they are tasty to consume. Chocolate bouquets are an excellent alternative for people with flower and greenery allergies and with the chosen containers for fixed arrangements, they can be fully customised to suit the person.