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Auxillary Power and Monitoring Instrumentation for SCR Power Controllers                                                                         

Temp, Inc. has available, instrumentation for monitoring
and control of Single Phase and
Three Phase AC Power. This includes
Single Phase or Three Phase current
and voltage transducers with either
0-5VDC or 4-20ma current outputs for
use with PLC's or PC compatible
computer. Digital Panel Meters are available for display
of AC volts, Amps or Watts.  A Multi-function
Digital Panel Meter is also available for display
and monitoring of Volts, Amps and Watts,
with RS485 serial communication.

These instruments can be used on customers power system or for monitoring
voltage, current or watts of SCR Power Controllers.  This instrumentation can be
supplied as an integral part of a Temp, Inc. Single or Three Phase SCR Power Controller.
It can also be furnished as separate products or complete monitoring
system in wall mount enclosure. The individual instrument can be supplied with
customers' name/or process identification.

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